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Easiest way to secure limited releases.

Affordable Prices

We offer the checkout service for every upcoming release, for the lowest fee you can find.

Pay After Success

No need to pay any amount before the actual success. We will ask you to pay once we confirm your order.

No Reship Fees

You will be the one who gets the product for first. You don't have to pay for any addiotional shipping.

Secured Data

Your infos will be safe with us. We will delete everything, once the drop is over.

Join Our Discord Server

Join the family! All you need to do is to click the "Join Discord" button in the top-right corner. We can answer all your questions in there.

Fill Out Desired Forms

We need your personal data, to cop the items for you. We will need a payment method, and billing address. Easy as that.

Be Ready On Drop Day

If you're from Europe, you'll need to confirm payment to retailers. Just one tap, and the item is yours.


Once everything is confirmed, you have to pay the PAS fee within 24 hours. W!